Penties With Purpose

Every year girls in rural areas miss 40 days of school during their menstrual cycle

Their mums and dads can’t afford to buy them pants or sanitary pads,

So they have to use leaves, rags and pieces of cloth they find

This affects their confidence, self-esteem and frame of mind.

In 2011 Panties with Purpose was set up as a campaign

To help girls stay in school and explain,

That access to basic sanitary hygiene products should be every girls’ right

And to raise awareness about their plight,

Since then with the help of donations

It has given 11,438 girls, 41,000 pairs of pants in 97 locations.

At her school in 2017 and 2018 Aaliyah Webber had two campaign drives

To help ease discomfort in the girls’ lives, 

She collected pads and pants for 200 girls but knew this wasn’t enough

Because many were suffering and had it so tough.

But she couldn’t ask for donations over and over again

So she wondered what she could do with her paint brushes and pen,

To raise money together with her friends, she designed and sold cards

For people to send their best wishes, greetings and regards.

She also wanted to make something that people could regularly buy

To ensure there would be a continuous supply,

Of sanitary pads and pants for the girls to use

So their school attendance wouldn’t reduce,

She thought and thought

And realised chocolate sauce is something that people sought,

So she made her own recipe to sell it locally.

She loves chocolate sauce and her sister does too

You can drizzle it on ice cream when you can’t chew,

Or on popcorn, fruit pies and pancakes

And it can even be used to make milkshakes.

Aaliyah Webber’s aim is to help every school girl be free

of period poverty.

Buy her cards and her chocolate sauce and help girls stay in school.