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Since 2011 we have given 14,883 girls, 51,463 pairs of pants in 127 locations

Established in 2011, Panties with Purpose is an independent, informal campaign to help girls with menstrual hygiene management. 

Most of us never think about what we can’t see. We take things for granted. We don’t talk about issues that are gender sensitive & culturally taboo. If they don’t affect us, they don’t matter. Panties with Purpose is a campaign to raise awareness about the Inside Story.

Underprivileged adolescent school girls living in the rural and poor urban parts of the world, including Kenya lack access to basic hygiene products such as undergarments and sanitary towels (UNICEF, 2005) during their menstrual cycle. The effect of this is:



Change begins with basics:

When a girl has access to basic hygiene products the following happen:

-her health improves as her chances of contracting infections is reduced

-her self-esteem, confidence and dignity increases

- her attendance at school improves

-her chances of success are enhanced

-her self-respect, the importance of self- preservation with regard to health is increased as is her bodily awareness

We have a range of Kenyan partners and supporters: SHE Polycom Project, The Iddi Achieng Trust, The Ummah Foundation, The Jitambue Project, World Youth Alliance, Swahiba Youth Networks, Kenya Girl Guides Association, Project Deen, Family Bank, Dignitas Project, Intuitive Motion, the Amara Trust, Hope in Action Health and Hygiene Network, One for You One for Her, Pieces for Peace, Path to Womanhood Foundation, various churches, orphanages, Mc Frys Chicken, Zucchini Greengrocers, Crystal Ice Cream, Kapa Oil, GSK, Nakumatt Supermarket amongst many others.

Some of our multinational sponsors include :

Fisher Jones Greenwood, Virgin Atlantic, Google, The 3Z Foundation and many, many others.

We are on Facebook- and twitter- Panties-with-Purpose- @farahahamed- so please contact us if you would like to get involved or more information.

Panties with Purpose

Zarah Webber, Neemah Ahamed and Farah Ahamed